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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Goal Setting Worksheet
Need a format for setting goals and developing action plans for your program? Here's a template from VolunteerMatch.
Strategic Planning 2012
Storytime Conductor Volunteer Agreement - Roseville, CA
Sample agreement prepared by the Roseville Public Library for review and signature by their "Storytime Conductor" volunteers. See also… more
Volunteer Agreements Form, Risk Management 2011
Volunteer Application - City of Hayward, CA
Application form also includes a brief background questionnaire, volunteer agreement, and required volunteer driver's information.
Adult Volunteer Applications Agreement, Form 2011
Sample Volunteer Coordinator Interview Questions - 2
Sample questions that could be used in an interview of a potential staff volunteer coordinator. Note: You should always run your interview questions… more
Volunteer Coordinator Interview Questions volunteer coordinator, Interview Questions 2011
Demonstrating ROI (Return on Investment) in Volunteer Engagement
You know your volunteers do valuable work -- but how do you know which of their results will be most compelling to the decision makers in your… more
Capacity BuildingEngaging Staff and Unions Video, program evaluation, outcome measurement 2011
Volunteer Application - Paso Robles, CA
Sample adult volunteer application
Adult Volunteer Applications Application, forms 2011
Volunteer Application - Tulare County, CA
Volunteer Application used by Tulare County Library. Includes additional information requested for volunteers applying for the Homebound Delivery… more
Adult Volunteer Applications Form, Homebound 2011
Worker's Comp Coverage/VolunteerAgreement - Paso Robles, CA
Describes both library and volunteer responsibilities of the volunteer relationship, including acknowledgement of Worker's Comp coverage.
Volunteer Agreements volunteer agreement, worker's comp, forms 2011
Confidentiality Agreement - Huntington Beach, CA
Form signed by Volunteers regarding confidentiality of library information.
Confidentiality Policies Form, Confidentiality, policy and procedure 2011
Human Resources Process for Volunteers - Monrovia, CA
Step by step process volunteers in Monrovia follow to be finger printed and have TB, alcohol and drug tests completed.
Volunteer Handbooks fingerprinting, human resources, TB Test 2011
Fingerprinting Procedures - San Jose, CA
San Jose Public Library requires volunteers age 18 and over who work directly with children be fingerprinted. This is their procedures document for… more
Volunteer HandbooksVolunteer Screening / Interviewing fingerprinting, liability, background checks 2011
Advice for Choosing Volunteer Management Software
Maintained by Jayne Cravens of Coyote Communications, this is a very good list of all the volunteer tracking mechanisms out there, with a matrix that… more
Volunteer Management Systems Tracking 2011
Volunteer Brochure - Paso Robles, CA
Paso Robles library's volunteer recruitment brochure
Publicity and Promotion Recruitment, brochure 2011
Volunteer Engagement (Online Course)
This course was created for the Transforming Life After 50 Fellowship, and is archived and available for you to use free of charge.
Baby boomers and… more
Volunteer RecruitmentBaby BoomersCapacity BuildingEngaging High Impact VolunteersEngaging Staff and Unions Volunteer Recruitment, Baby Boomers, Unions 2011
Celebrate Collective Accomplishments, Not Volunteered Time
Despite many obstacles, we tend to plan volunteer recognition events in a bubble of happiness. One day a year the executive director shows up and… more
Volunteer Recognition recognition 2011
Volunteer Exit Clearance Form - California State Library
Form to be used when a volunteer completes their assignment and is leaving the organization.
Volunteer Handbooks Form, Exit 2011
Volunteer Opportunities Flyer -- Monrovia, CA
Volunteer recruitment flyer used by Monrovia Public Library
Publicity and Promotion Recruitment, brochure 2011
Computer Coach Poster 2 - Huntington Beach, CA
Poster used in Huntington Beach to attract people who need the services of a computer coach.
Publicity and PromotionComputer - Tech Coach Poster, computer coach, Recruitment 2011
Volunteer Handbook - Huntington Beach, CA
Huntington Beach Public Library's Volunteer Handbook.
Volunteer Handbooks policies, handbook, policy and procedures 2011
Computer Coach Name Badge - Huntington Beach, CA
Name Badges worn by Huntington Beach Public Library's Computer Coach volunteers.
Publicity and Promotion computer coach, name badge 2011