Reading Buddy - Rocklin, CA

At the Rocklin Library, we have a Reading Buddies program where teens (14-17) read to children. We have the program once a week (Tuesdays, 4-5:00 PM), all year long. After about an hour training session and submission of County volunteer paperwork, the teens are qualified. We don’t have regular training sessions, it’s based solely on interest. When I get about three submissions from Volunteer Match, I schedule an orientation. The training consists of a review of the collection, sign-in procedures, and I prepare them to read by having participants read to me and the group. Currently, we have about 9 teens each week reading to children. It’s informal, there is no set curriculum of books, kids choose the books from the shelf. We don’t have a “job description”, per se, just that teens are the right age and have an interest in working with children in their community!