High Impact Volunteer Position Descriptions

Leading-edge position descriptions that give volunteers the opportunity to put their skills and experience to work...

NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

Titlesort descending Year
Public Relations Strategist - California State Library
This job description was successfully used to recruit a highly skilled public relations strategist to plan and execute a statewide PR campaign for California's Library Literacy Service. See a short interview with the skilled volunteer here: https://getinvolvedclearinghouse.org/resource/training-materials/skilled-volunteer-interview-public-relations-strategist
Reading Buddy - Rocklin, CA
At the Rocklin Library, we have a Reading Buddies program where teens (14-17) read to children. We have the program once a week (Tuesdays, 4-5:00 PM), all year long. After about an hour training session and submission of County volunteer paperwork, the teens are qualified. We don’t have regular training sessions, it’s based solely on interest. When I get about three submissions from Volunteer Match, I schedule an orientation. The training consists of a review of the collection, sign-in procedures, and I prepare them to read by having participants read to me and the group.
Seed Library Volunteer - Oakland Public Library, CA
Lays out qualifications, expectations and duties for volunteers who want to be involved in the Seed Library.
Social Media Ambassador - Austin Public Library, TX
Here's a great job description that let's people get involved remotely, and has terrific PR benefits for the library.
Social Media Coordinator - Salinas CA
A great idea from the Salinas, California library for a leadership position for a tech savvy volunteer with organizational skills.
Social Media Specialist - California State Library
This Social Media Specialist volunteer position has been successfully used by the California State Library. You'll find a video interview with a volunteer who held this position here: https://getinvolvedclearinghouse.org/resource/training-materials/skilled-volunteer-interview-social-media-specialist
Social Media Specialist Volunteer
This volunteer position description was graciously shared with us by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration -- www.cvacert.org -- they have an active volunteer in this position.
Spanish Language Virtual Document Translator
Ever needed someone to translate promotional flyers, communication materials and web content from English to Spanish? This position description is for a virtual volunteer who can do it from wherever they are on their own devices.
Special Events Assistant - Huntington Beach, CA
Volunteers help with hosting and set-up of various events at the Huntington Beach Library.
Storytime Performer - Huntington Beach, CA
A fun position for someone who loves kids, and performing. Training provided by Children's Services staff.