High Impact Volunteer Position Descriptions

Leading-edge position descriptions that give volunteers the opportunity to put their skills and experience to work...

NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Seed Library Volunteer - Oakland Public Library, CA
Lays out qualifications, expectations and duties for volunteers who want to be involved in the Seed Library.
Social Media Ambassador - Austin Public Library, TX
Here's a great job description that let's people get involved remotely, and has terrific PR benefits for the library.
Social Media Coordinator - Salinas CA
A great idea from the Salinas, California library for a leadership position for a tech savvy volunteer with organizational skills.
Social Media Specialist - California State Library
This Social Media Specialist volunteer position has been successfully used by the California State Library. You'll find a video interview with a volunteer who held this position here: https://getinvolvedclearinghouse.org/resource/training-materials/skilled-volunteer-interview-social-media-specialist
Social Media Specialist Volunteer
This volunteer position description was graciously shared with us by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration -- www.cvacert.org -- they have an active volunteer in this position.
Special Events Assistant - Huntington Beach, CA
Volunteers help with hosting and set-up of various events at the Huntington Beach Library.
Storytime Performer - Huntington Beach, CA
A fun position for someone who loves kids, and performing. Training provided by Children's Services staff.
Teen Computer Corps Specialist - San Francisco, CA
Teen Computer Corps is an innovative new program that connects computer savvy teenagers with senior patrons hoping to improve their basic computer skills.
Tags: Teens
Template - Volunteer Job Description
Volunteer Job Description template developed by Carla Lehn and recommended by the Get Involved: Powered by Your Library initiative.
Tour Scheduling Assistant - CA State Library
In preparation for the grand re-opening of its historic building, the state library is implementing a docent/tour guide program, and has designed this position to assist with the scheduling of those tours and volunteer docents.