High Impact Volunteer Position Descriptions

Leading-edge position descriptions that give volunteers the opportunity to put their skills and experience to work...

NOTE: These are examples from public libraries in California and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Bookmobile Volunteer - RideAlong - Tulare County
Volunteer job description used by Tulare County Library for volunteers who ride along in the bookmobile to assist. (See Also: Bookmobile Volunteer - Meet in Own Car - Tulare County)
Bookmobile Volunteer - Meet in Own Car - Tulare County
Volunteer Job Description for Tulare County Bookmobile volunteers who meet the bookmobile at one or more of its various stops. (See Also: Bookmobile Volunteer - RideAlong)
Book Club Facilitator - San Jose Public Library
The volunteers in this position lead book club groups for San Jose Public Library.
Bilingual Catalog/Internet Docent - Solano County
This position helps customers (individuals and small groups) learn how to use the library’s computerized catalog.
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Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
When the California state library dramatically increased the number of volunteer positions in the library, that of course meant more work for those of us who recruit and manage volunteers, so we posted this position on VolunteerMatch and got a tremendous person. You can see a short interview with here here: http://www.getinvolvedca.org/resource/training-materials/help-volunteer-engagement-coordinator
Arts Program Graphic Artist
St. Helena Public Library recruits graphic design professionals to create promotional materials to be used in print and electronic marketing campaigns.
Arts Program Ambassador
St. Helena Public Library recruits volunteers to lead their engagement and coordination of artists and supporters of arts and culture initiatives at the library.
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Adult Programming Committee - Monrovia
This committee of volunteers brainstorms, selects, organizes and markets quality adult programming.
Adult Literacy Math Tutor - Sacramento
Sacramento Public Library's literacy program developed this Math Tutor volunteer position description when they found the need to expand their services to assist with GED preparation.
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Adult Literacy GED Tutor - Sacramento Public Library
Sacramento Public Library's Literacy Program has begun to support students studying for the GED. This is the GED tutor position they use to recruit volunteers.
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