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2016 Arizona Volunteering Report

Arizona State University's Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation's 2016 Summary Report of their survey and

Training Materials Arizona 2016
Are Young People Replacing Older People as the Key Volunteering Group?

A brief look at volunteering trends and key takeaways during COVID-19.

Training Materials COVID-19, generations, Millennials 2020
Brave New World of Engaging Skilled Volunteers

Have you thought about how volunteers with specific skills could help ?

Training Materials VolunteerMatch, Volunteer Recruitment, LinkedIn 2015
Demographic Trends Shaping America and Service

Beth Steinhorn of VQ Strategies takes 2018 Pew Research results and extrapolates them for volunteer engagement professionals by addressin

Training Materials 2018
Engaging the Volunteer of the Future

This one-hour webinar by Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch was archived on June 17, 2015:

Training Materials 2015
GenerationOn Projects, Ideas and Resources

Looking for possible library volunteer projects for kids, teens and/or families?

Training Materials Teens, family volunteering 2018
Millenials and Volunteering: Bridging the Generation Gap

Every day my LinkedIn feed and various business magazines are filled with articles about Millennials.

Training Materials Millenials, young volunteers, Recruitment 2015
Millenials Want to Make a Serious Impact

This blog post from describes the Millenial generation -- the 80 million born between 1980 and 2000 -- and their interest

Training Materials Millenials 2014
Millennials Want To Make a Serious Impact and You Can Help

Insights into how to engage the Millennial Generation as volunteers and donors, and how you might be turning them off.

Training Materials Millennials, Recruitment 2014
NextGen Nexus: A Peek Inside the Millennial Mind

What if you could have a young person authentically share their viewpoint about your social issue and cause?

Training Materials 2019
NextGen Nexus: Moving Beyond Awareness

This article answers the question: How do we build awareness about our issue among young Americans?

Training Materials Gen Z 2020
Skilled Volunteer Interview: Social Media Specialist

This is a 4 minute interview with a volunteer who served as a Social Media Specialist for the California State Library.

Training Materials Skilled Volunteers, Millennials, social media, virtual 2015
Target Market Success Story: Teen Volunteer

This 5 minute success story is an interview with a library teen volunteer coordinator and one of her awesome teen volunteers talking abou

Training Materials Teen 2015
Teen Summer Volunteer Orientation - Riverside County CA

Sample Teen Volunteer Summer Reading Program orientation agenda

Training Materials teen volunteers, Teens
The Future of Volunteering: Millennials

This 26 minute webinar was presented by Carla Lehn as the keynote address for the Los Angeles Public Library's annual Friends Symposium o

Training Materials Friends, Friends of the Library, COVID-19, Millennials, Gen Z 2020
Three Things We Know About Engaging Millennials in Your Cause

A quick read on what Millennials are interested in to help you in your recruitment efforts.

Training Materials Millennials 2018
Why Company Sponsored Volunteer Programs are Keeping Millennials Happy at Work

What motivates millennials to stay in a job is having an impact on corporate social responsibility.

Training Materials Millennials, high-impact volunteers, Recruitment 2016