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Resource Resource type Tags Year
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator - State Library, CA

When the California state library dramatically increased the number of volunteer positions in the library, that of course meant more work

Position Descriptions volunteer coordinator, Volunteer Recruitment 2013
Coordinator, Literacy Outreach Team - San Jose CA

This leadership position coordinates outreach activities that enhance the literacy program's presence in the community.

Position Descriptions literacy, skilled, outreach 2012
Digital Storytelling Project Lead - Berkeley CA

Berkeley Public Library engages skilled volunteers to assist in the production of first-person histories of community members that have v

Position Descriptions digital storytelling, marketing, promotion, videography 2011
Homebound Delivery Volunteer - Orange Public Library CA

Volunteer Job Description used by the Orange Public Library to recruit and manage volunteers who deliver materials to homebound patrons.<

Position Descriptions 2015
Homebound Service ToolKit - Texas

Libraries have a long tradition of providing outreach to underserved populations and are committed to providing access to all, even peopl

Position Descriptions Homebound, outreach 2011
Man giving a presentation

THis man is making a presentation to a group.  Could be teaching a class, or presenting a project, or making a SPeaker's Bureau presentat

Photo Public Speaker Speaker's Bureau Program Presenter Instructor Content Expert
Man Giving Presentation

This man is giving a presentation to a group.  He could be presenting a program, teaching a class or making a presentation as part of a S

Photo Public Speaker Speaker's Bureau Program Presenter Instructor Content Expert
Photographer - California State Library

This volunteer position description has been used successfully by the California State Library.

Position Descriptions photographer 2015
Program Planner Photo Marketing Team, Program Assistant, Project Leader, outreach assistant
Program Planner Photo Marketing Team, Program Assistant, Program Coordinator
Program Planner Photo Marketing Team, Program Assistant
Program Planner Photo Marketing Team, Program Assistant, Project Leader
Program Planner Photo Program Assistant, Marketing Team, Project Leader
Social Media Ambassador - Austin Public Library, TX

Here's a great job description that let's people get involved remotely, and has terrific PR benefits for the library.

Position Descriptions social media 2017
Social Media Specialist - California State Library

This Social Media Specialist volunteer position has been successfully used by the California State Library.

Position Descriptions Facebook, Twitter, social media 2015
Social Media Specialist Volunteer

This volunteer position description was graciously shared with us by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration --

Position Descriptions social media 2015
Spanish Language Virtual Document Translator

Ever needed someone to translate promotional flyers, communication materials and web content from English to Spanish?

Position Descriptions translator, spanish 2019
Special Events Assistant - Huntington Beach, CA

Volunteers help with hosting and set-up of various events at the Huntington Beach Library.

Position Descriptions youth volunteers, greeter, screening volunteers 2011
Veterans Community Outreach Specialist - CA

California public libraries, in partnership with California Department of Veterans Affairs, are working to connect veterans and their fam

Position Descriptions Veterans, Adult, outreach 2016
Waiting Room Reader - San Mateo County, CA

San Mateo County Library volunteers share the love of reading with families in six low-income medical clinics in San Mateo County

Position Descriptions orientation, children, outreach 2012