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22 Simple Tips for Managing Virtual Volunteers

Help with planning for, implementing and managing volunteers who work remotely.

Training Materials virtual, virtual volunteer, remote 2021
Are Young People Replacing Older People as the Key Volunteering Group?

A brief look at volunteering trends and key takeaways during COVID-19.

Training Materials COVID-19, generations, Millennials 2020
Bibliography on Volunteer Engagement

Bibliography and Web Resources on Volunteer Engagement developed by Carla Lehn

Training Materials bibliography, Lehn 2020
Book to Action Project- Santa Barbara Public Library

Book-to-Action Programs 2012: Bringing programs about the environment to Santa Barbara Public Library libraries (Green @ Your Library), i

Training Materials Book to action, community service, teen volunteers, environment 2012
Branch Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement - San Jose, CA

Job Description used by San Jose Public Library for staff responsible for volunteer engagement in a library branch or unit.

Management Tool staff training 2010
Building Better COVID-Related Volunteer Roles

VolunteerPro's approach to re-tooling our volunteer engagement during COVID-19.

Training Materials job descriptions, COVID-19, needs assessment 2020
Building Capacity: Strategic Volunteer Engagement

In this Points of Light blog post, the point is made that organizations that build a culture of volunteerism, and purposefully embed volu

Training Materials Strategic 2018
Can We Reject a Volunteer?

What do you do when someone applies to volunteer and you realize they will not work out?

Training Materials Fire, reject, complaints 2018
Checklist to Minimize the Most Common Volunteer Risks

A good basic list of issues to consider and how to approach them.

Training Materials Risk Management 2016
Co-Creating Racial Equity in Volunteer Engagement - MAVA

The Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement has been conducting research and education on race equity in volunteerism for 5 years.

Training Materials diversity, equity, inclusion 2021
Connecting with Today's Volunteers to Transform the Friends of the Library

This one hour webinar was presented in September 2019 by Carla Lehn for the Friends of Libraries section of the New York Library Associat

Training Materials Friends of the Library
Controlling Complaint Conversations

This quick read provides quick tips to being a better listener and sorting through ‘provable facts’ from emotions and hearsay when a volu

Training Materials Complaint, problem, unhappy 2019
Could Volunteers Replace Paid Staff?? Have No Fear!

An organization’s decision to bring in volunteers may spark fears that volunteers could eventually replace staff.

Training Materials Staff Resistance, staff buy-in 2019
COVID-19 Action Levels for Volunteers - Indianapolis IN

When the Indianapolis Public Library started bringing volunteers back during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, they were prepared with this doc

Training Materials COVID-19 2020
Creating One-Time, Short-Term Group Volunteering Activities

Great ideas for two-hour-, half-day or one-day, one-time group volunteering activities that could be used to engage workplace volunteer g

Training Materials groups, corporate 2020
Demonstrating ROI in Volunteer Engagement

You know your volunteers do valuable work -- but how do you know which of their results will be most compelling to the decision makers in

Training Materials ROI, evaluation, budget justification, Webinar 2011
Designing Virtual Opportunities, Managing Remote Volunteers

This is a one hour webinar presented by Jennifer Bennett, CVA, Senior Manager of Education and Training at VolunteerMatch.

Training Materials virtual volunteer 2020
Directory of Volunteer Engagement Professional Associations by Geographic Region

Looking for a place to meet up with other volunteer engagement professionals for networking and problem solving?

Management Tool DOVIA, Professional Development, Professional Association 2018
Do's and Don'ts of Supervising Library Volunteers

This July 2019 article from Public Libraries Online provides an excellent overview of working with volunteers in large and small librarie

Training Materials supervision 2019
Engagement as a Path to Inclusion and Justice

This brief article from Beth Steinhorn at VQ Strategies outlines 4 questions we can all ask ourselves for developing and implementing a p

Training Materials inclusive, racism, diversity 2020