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Volunteer Exit Clearance Form - California State Library

Form to be used when a volunteer completes their assignment and is leaving the organization.

Management Tool Form, Exit 2011
Volunteer Handbook - Fresno County, CA

Fresno County Library's Volunteer Handbook.

Management Tool policies, handbook, policy and procedures 2004
Volunteer Handbook - Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach Public Library's Volunteer Handbook.

Management Tool policies, handbook, policy and procedures 2011
Human Resources Process for Volunteers - Monrovia, CA

Step by step process volunteers in Monrovia follow to be finger printed and have TB, alcohol and drug tests completed.

Management Tool fingerprinting, human resources, TB Test 2011
Volunteer Handbook - Kern County, CA

Packet of background, policies and guidelines materials for volunteers.

Management Tool handbook, policies, guidelines 2011
Volunteer Guide - Yolo County Library, CA

Packet of materials including background, policies and procedures.

Management Tool handbook, policies, guidelines, procedures 2011
Staff Guide to Volunteer Engagement - Yolo County Library, CA

Volunteer engagement background, responsibilities, policies, procedures and expectations for library staff.

Management Tool staff, procedures, guidelines 2011
Basic Volunteer Conduct - San Bernardino County, CA

Basic expectations handout given to volunteers at the San Bernardino County Library.

Management Tool Conduct, guidelines, policies, policy and procedure 2011
Liability, Insurance and Risk Management Issues for Volunteer Programs

In today’s litigious society, it is important to understand the risks faced in your volunteer program—for both your volunteers and your o

Management Tool policy 2004
Engaging and Supporting Job Seekers as Volunteers

Developed by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration to guide volunteer program coordinators during the recession in how t

Management Tool job coach 2011
Volunteer Policies and Procedures - California State Library

Policies and procedures manual, including forms, used by the California State Library for their volunteer program.

Management Tool forms, policies 2010

This website, developed by Volunteer2, contains sample materials from all kinds of volunteer programs from around the world.

Management Tool 2012
Guidelines for Volunteers Working with Children - Huntington Beach, CA

This document contains a signature line for the volunteer to sign saying they understand appropriate behaviors when working with children

Management Tool policies, liability 2012
Background Checks Procedure - Huntington Beach, CA

This brief document identifies which volunteer positions require a background check, and outlines the process for doing it.

Management Tool background checks, policies 2012
Fingerprinting Procedures - San Jose, CA

San Jose Public Library requires volunteers age 18 and over who work directly with children be fingerprinted.

Management Tool fingerprinting, liability, background checks 2011
Volunteer Handbook - Paso Robles City Library, CA

Paso Robles' newly completed (July 2012) Volunteer Handbook includes volunteer program mission statement and objectives, expectation

Management Tool policies 2012
Criminal History Background Checks - California

Things to consider when making decisions about criminal background checks, including the rights of the applicants.

Management Tool background checks, policies 2014
Background Checks - Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Q&A Background Checks
By John Patterson, Senior Program Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Management Tool background checks 1970
National Assn of Counties - Volunteer Toolbox

The National Association of Counties (NACo), along with its affiliate, The National Association of Volunteer

Management Tool 2012
Volunteer Exit Interview Example

Without a library example of a volunteer Exit Interview, we found this one which can be used as an initial template.

Management Tool Volunteer Recognition 2013