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Union Issues and Staff Resistance
Early in the Get Involved initiative we determined that the two biggest potential internal barriers to moving toward engagement of skilled volunteers in your library would be union issues and staff resistance. This 30-minute video is an interview with a library director and a volunteer engagement coordinator about how they handled each of those issues. (Note: the last 3 minutes of this discussion was somehow captured in a second video here: )
Until Tuesday- Book to Action Project- Lodi Public Library
As part of an LSTA grant, Lodi Public Library designed a Book to Action project around the book "Until Tuesday" based on the true story of a wounded warrior dealing with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD and his road to healing and hope through a relationship with his service dog.
Virtual Volunteer - 4 minute interview
This 4 minute interview is with a volunteer who couldn't come to the library to volunteer, but still wanted to help with her high level social media skills. Hear she and the library's volunteer engagement coordinator talk about how they made it work to fit both their needs. Her title is "Social Media Specialist," and the job description can be found in the Position Description section of this Clearinghouse.
Volunteer Assessment and Selection- Jennifer Rackow
As part of a day-long training, Jennifer Rackow helps you assess and select the best candidates to become volunteers in your program. Search for additional training videos from the day on this site.
Volunteer Engagement: Changing Our Volun teer Culture
This Urban Libraries Council article by Joan Young of the San Jose Public Library describes the positive impact on their library of implementing a volunteer engagement strategy throughout their system.
Volunteer Involvement in California Libraries: Best Practices
This is the State Library's 245 page book on Volunteer Involvement for libraries -- author Carla Lehn. Includes Chapters and sample materials on many topics, including: "Why People Volunteer;" "Volunteer Recruitment;" "Keeping Good Volunteers;" "How Does it All Get Done;" and "Dealing with Common Problems in Volunteer Management."
Volunteer Management Team, Tips and Strategies- Monrovia Public Library (Part 2)
Don't have a full time volunteer coordinator at your library? In this 3 minute video, learn how Monrovia has engaged high impact volunteers as a "Volunteer Management Team" to ensure that all the important tasks get completed! See also: "Meet the Volunteer Management Team - Part 1" about how Monrovia Public Library uses volunteer leaders to plan, coordinate and support their overall volunteer program.
Volunteer Orientation - Circulation - Huntington Beach
Orientation slides used by Huntington Beach Public Library with volunteers in Circulation.
Volunteer Orientation - Media Center - Huntington Beach
Powerpoint slides used in orientation of Huntington Beach Public Library's Media Center volunteers.
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Volunteer Performance Management- Jennifer Rackow
As part of a day-long training, Jennifer Rackow discusses how to hold volunteers accountable for their performance and outcomes. Search for other training videos from the day on this site.