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Homebound Delivery Volunteer Safety Requirements Sign-Off Sheet - Boulder CO

This list of safety requirements was created for Boulder Colorado Homebound Delivery volunteers returning to service during COVID-19.

Job Specific Volunteer Training Capacity Building
Training Materials 2020
Homebound Delivery Volunteer Survey During COVID-19 - Indianapolis, IN

This survey was developed by the Indianapolis Public Library during May, 2020's COVID-19 pandemic to assess Homebound Delivery volunteers

Adult Programming Materials Handling
Position Descriptions 2020
Homebound Service ToolKit - Texas

Libraries have a long tradition of providing outreach to underserved populations and are committed to providing access to all, even peopl
Outreach Program / Project Coordinator Job Specific Volunteer Training

Position Descriptions 2011
Volunteer Application - Tulare County, CA

Volunteer Application used by Tulare County Library.
Adult Volunteer Applications

Management Tool 2011