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Are Young People Replacing Older People as the Key Volunteering Group?

A brief look at volunteering trends and key takeaways during COVID-19.

Baby Boomers Capacity Building Millennials Staff Training
Training Materials 2020
Millennials Want To Make a Serious Impact and You Can Help

Insights into how to engage the Millennial Generation as volunteers and donors, and how you might be turning them off.

Volunteer Recruitment Millennials
Training Materials 2014
Skilled Volunteer Interview: Social Media Specialist

This is a 4 minute interview with a volunteer who served as a Social Media Specialist for the California State Library.
Engaging High Impact Volunteers Millennials

Training Materials 2015
The Future of Volunteering: Millennials

This 26 minute webinar was presented by Carla Lehn as the keynote address for the Los Angeles Public Library's annual Friends Symposium o

Millennials Capacity Building Staff Training
Training Materials 2020
Three Things We Know About Engaging Millennials in Your Cause

A quick read on what Millennials are interested in to help you in your recruitment efforts.

Training Materials 2018
Why Company Sponsored Volunteer Programs are Keeping Millennials Happy at Work

What motivates millennials to stay in a job is having an impact on corporate social responsibility.

Volunteer Recruitment Millennials
Training Materials 2016