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Capacity Commons Guidebook on Skills-Based Volunteerism

This guidebook will help you prepare your organization for the idea of utilizing skills-based volunteers, help you scope out the project(

Engaging High Impact Volunteers Capacity Building
Training Materials 2019
Library Volunteer Leaders Meetings Notes - November 2020

During COVID-19, Wendy Johnson, CVA, Volunteer Engagement Specialist at the Indianapolis Public Library, brought together a nationwide gr

Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2020
Skills Based Volunteering Toolkit - Common Impact

Since 2000, Common Impact has supported nonprofits in effectively utilizing skills-based volunteering to build internal capacity to bette

Capacity Building Engaging High Impact Volunteers
Training Materials 2019
Skills Based Volunteerism 201: Project Scoping and Planning

This 1 hour archived webinar on preparing for skills-based volunteerism was presented by Serve Ohio in January 2020.

Engaging High Impact Volunteers Capacity Building Staff Training
Training Materials 2020
Skills-Based Volunteering Toolkit

This toolkit complete with worksheets was developed by Serve Ohio and Common Impact to assist in preparing to engage skills-based volunte

Engaging High Impact Volunteers Capacity Building Staff Training
Training Materials 2019
Taproot Pro Bono Projects Catalog

This document provided by the Taproot Foundation will give you an idea of some of the projects you could hope to recruit a pro bono or sk

Staff Guides for Working with Volunteers
Management Tool 2017