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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Volunteer Program Evaluation Checklist - VolunteerMatch
Shared by Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch during her June 27, 2018 webinar: New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit. View the archived here:
Volunteer Recognition Model - University of Kentucky, 4-H
This model was developed as a tool for Extension agents and volunteer administrators to use in designing their own comprehensive volunteer recognition program. It may give you some ideas about how to plan for recognition.
Volunteer Recognition: Just Say No To Years of Service Awards
In this 15 minute podcast, Carol Dixon, Director of Mission Services & Volunteer Resources at Providence Health Care, draws on over 35 years in volunteer engagement (and a healthy sense of humour!) to provide a number of examples of high-impact volunteer recognition that won’t break the bank. From Carol’s vantage point, the key is to invest in thoughtful, individualized volunteer recognition.
Volunteer Reporter -- San Francisco Public Library, CA
San Francisco Public Library uses the volunteer management system called "Volunteer Reporter." This document describes its features, and is a review of the system from San Francisco's perspective.
Volunteer Service Agreemenmt - Oceanside, CA
Oceanside (CA) Public Library's volunteer agreement -- includes their confidentiality policy.
Volunteer Service Agreement - California State Library
Volunteer Service Agreement to be signed by volunteer and section supervisor.
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VolunteerMatch FAQs
This document answers some frequently asked questions about using VolunteerMatch.
VolunteerMatch/LinkedIn Recruitment Partnership Instructions
VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn have teamed up to use both of their vast networks to help us recruit high skilled volunteers!
Whom Don't We Ask to Volunteer?
We all know the common wisdom (backed up by research, actually) that the number one reason people volunteer or give money is because they were asked. In other words, there is a big difference between knowing there are ways to be philanthropic and feeling invited to participate.
Worker's Comp Coverage/VolunteerAgreement - Paso Robles, CA
Describes both library and volunteer responsibilities of the volunteer relationship, including acknowledgement of Worker's Comp coverage.