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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries in California and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Volunteer Handbook - Paso Robles City Library
Paso Robles' newly completed (July 2012) Volunteer Handbook includes volunteer program mission statement and objectives, expectations and policies and procedures.
Tags: policies
Volunteer Impact - Kern County Library
Kern County Library provides their assessment of the Volunteer Management System - Volunteer Impact.
Volunteer Impact -- Roseville Public Library
Roseville Public Library uses the volunteer management system called "Volunteer Impact." This document describes its features, and is a review of the system from Roseville's perspective.
Volunteer Impact -- San Jose Public Library
San Jose Public Library uses the volunteer management system called "Volgistics." This document describes its features, and is a review of the system from San Jose's perspective.
Volunteer Manager - San Jose Public Library
Sample staff job description for the San Jose Public Library's Volunteer Manager position.
Volunteer Managment Software List and Matrix
Maintained by Jayne Cravens of Coyote Communications, this is a very good list of all the volunteer tracking mechanisms out there, with a matrix that allows a bit of comparison. She also writes suggestions for how to choose the one that's right for you.
Tags: Tracking
Volunteer Opportunities Flyer -- Monrovia
Volunteer recruitment flyer used by Monrovia Public Library
Volunteer Policies and Procedures - California State Library
Policies and procedures manual, including forms, used by the California State Library for their volunteer program.
Volunteer Recognition Model - University of Kentucky, 4-H
This model was developed as a tool for Extension agents and volunteer administrators to use in designing their own comprehensive volunteer recognition program. It may give you some ideas about how to plan for recognition.
Volunteer Recognition: Just Say No To Years of Service Awards
In this 15 minute podcast, Carol Dixon, Director of Mission Services & Volunteer Resources at Providence Health Care, draws on over 35 years in volunteer engagement (and a healthy sense of humour!) to provide a number of examples of high-impact volunteer recognition that won’t break the bank. From Carol’s vantage point, the key is to invest in thoughtful, individualized volunteer recognition.