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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries in California and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Teen Tech-xPert Volunteer Application - Torrance
Torrance Public Library's Teen Tech-xPert program's volunteer application.
Teen Volunteer Application - Oakland Public Library
Teen Volunteer Application -- includes Permission form for parent/guardian signature.
Teen Volunteer Application - Solano County Library
Teen volunteer application used at Solano County Library
The Do-Good Strategic Plan Template
This document provides a template for you to consider using in developing your strategic plan.
The New Volunteer Manager: The First 90 Days
If you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t worry. You are not alone. Most coordinators of volunteers get little by way of training and guidance, and they simply don’t know where to start. There are proven tactics out there that work. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and waste time learning by trial and error. By the same token, the field of volunteer management is constantly evolving. The author of this free e-book, Tobi Johnson, suggests that this is by no means a complete list of tasks guaranteed to make your program successful.
Volgistics - Huntington Beach Public Library's Review
Huntington Beach Public Library provides their assessment of the Volunteer Management System - Volgistics.
Tags: Reporting
Volgistics - Torrance Public Library Review
Torrance Public Library uses the volunteer management system called "Volgistics." This document describes its features, and is a review of the system from Torrance's perspective.
Volunteer Agreement - Huntington Beach
Volunteer Agreement form to be signed by volunteer and their supervisor.
Tags: Form
Volunteer Agreement Checklist - San Jose
Form and checklist for staff to use to negotiate work agreements with volunteers.
Tags: Form
Volunteer Agreement: ESL Conversation Club Coordinator - San Jose
Document outlines roles, responsibilities and timeline for volunteers in charge of coordinating ESL Conversation Clubs. Includes signature lines for both volunteer and library staff.