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Background Checks - Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Q&A Background Checks
By John Patterson, Senior Program Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Volunteer Handbooks Volunteer Screening / Interviewing
Management Tool 1970
Background Checks Procedure - Huntington Beach, CA

This brief document identifies which volunteer positions require a background check, and outlines the process for doing it.

Volunteer Handbooks Volunteer Screening / Interviewing
Management Tool 2012
Criminal History Background Checks - California

Things to consider when making decisions about criminal background checks, including the rights of the applicants.
Volunteer Handbooks Volunteer Screening / Interviewing

Management Tool 2014
Criminal Records Check Policy - Portland OR

Policy on criminal history background checks for volunteers from the Multnomah County Library in Oregon.

Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2020
Fingerprinting Procedures - San Jose, CA

San Jose Public Library requires volunteers age 18 and over who work directly with children be fingerprinted.
Volunteer Handbooks Volunteer Screening / Interviewing

Management Tool 2011
The Importance of Using and Understanding Background Check Screening

This archived webinar was produced by "AL!VE" -- the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement.

Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Capacity Building
Training Materials 2013
The Volunteer Perspective - Industry Insights 2019

Sterling Volunteers surveyed over 7,000 volunteers to get their thoughts and opinions on a wide range of important topics facing nonprofi

Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Volunteer Recognition
Management Tool 2019
Volunteer Background Checks: Giving Back without Giving Up on Privacy

How do nonprofit organizations screen volunteers? There are several options.
Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Capacity Building Staff Training

Training Materials 2018
Volunteer Risk & Screening Levels - Barrie Public Library Ontario, Canada

This matrix, developed and used by the Barrie Public Library in Ontario Canada identifies 5 levels of risk associated with volunteer posi

Volunteer Screening / Interviewing Volunteer Handbooks
Management Tool 2021