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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Volunteer Application & Agreement - San Bernardino County, CA
San Bernardino County Library volunteer application. Includes a confidentiality agreement statement to be signed, as well as a form for a parent of a minor volunteer applicant to sign.
Volunteer Application - CA State Library
Volunteer Application form used by the California State Library. Includes a space for signature of a parent if volunteer applicant is a minor child.
Tags: Form
Volunteer Application - City of Hayward, CA
Application form also includes a brief background questionnaire, volunteer agreement, and required volunteer driver's information.
Volunteer Application - Huntington Beach, CA
Volunteer Application Form used by Huntington Beach Public Library for both adult and minor volunteer applicants.
Tags: Form, Youth, Teen
Volunteer Application - Oakland, CA
Volunteer Application form used by Oakland Public Library. Includes a liability waiver and confidentiality statement for the volunteer to sign.
Volunteer Application - Paso Robles, CA
Sample adult volunteer application
Volunteer Application - Tulare County, CA
Volunteer Application used by Tulare County Library. Includes additional information requested for volunteers applying for the Homebound Delivery program.
Volunteer Brochure - Huntington Beach, CA
Volunteer Recruitment Brochure
Volunteer Brochure - Paso Robles, CA
Paso Robles library's volunteer recruitment brochure
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement - Santa Clarita, CA
This is the Santa Clarita Library's document that all volunteers sign to assure protection of library patrons' right to privacy.