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Background Checks - Nonprofit Risk Management Center Q&A Background Checks By John Patterson, Senior Program Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center The Nonprofit Risk Management Center receives many questions concerning the screening of staff and volunteers using criminal history record checks. Criminal history record checks are important risk management tools but must not replace other risk management strategies designed to lessen the opportunity for abuse of vulnerable service recipients. No background check is perfect and the fact that an applicant appears to have a clean record is not predictive of future behavior. In this document he answers some of the more frequently asked questions concerning criminal history record checks. Volunteer Handbooks, Volunteer Screening/Interviewing background checks Management Tool
Background Checks Procedure - Huntington Beach This brief document identifies which volunteer positions require a background check, and outlines the process for doing it. Volunteer Handbooks, Volunteer Screening/Interviewing background checks, policies Management Tool
Best Practice Guidelines for Screening Volunteers: FInding the Right Match Provides a very clear 10 step process for screening volunteers. Volunteer Screening/Interviewing interview Management Tool
Criminal History Background Checks Things to consider when making decisions about criminal background checks, including the rights of the applicants. Includes information from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center and the California Attorney General's Office. Volunteer Handbooks, Volunteer Screening/Interviewing background checks, policies Management Tool
Fingerprinting Procedures - San Jose San Jose Public Library requires volunteers age 18 and over who work directly with children be fingerprinted. This is their procedures document for implementing that policy. Volunteer Handbooks, Volunteer Screening/Interviewing fingerprinting, liability, background checks Management Tool
How an Old Interview Approach Increased Volunteer Retention Rate by 30% Elisa Kosarin of Twenty Hats describes Behavior-based interviewing, and how its implementation in her situation helped to increased the quality of her volunteers, and their retention rate. Volunteer Screening/Interviewing, Interviewing Volunteers interview, screening, retention Training Materials
Interviewer Traps -- Energize Some great tips for interviewers of volunteers. Volunteer Screening/Interviewing, Interviewing Volunteers interview, screening Management Tool
Reference Check Questions - Oakland Public Library Checking References on potential volunteers? Here’s a list of Reference Check questions you can use in your phone calls developed by the Oakland Public Library. Volunteer Recruitment, Volunteer Screening/Interviewing Tour Leader Management Tool
Teen Interview Questions -- Roseville Public Library Sample interview questions for VolunTeens at the Roseville, CA Public Library. Teen Volunteer Applications, Volunteer Screening/Interviewing, Interviewing Volunteers Management Tool
The Importance of Using and Understanding Background Check Screening This archived webinar was produced by "AL!VE" -- the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement. Volunteer Screening/Interviewing, Capacity Building background checks, screening volunteers Training Materials
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