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NOTE: These are examples from public libraries in California and should be reviewed and modified to ensure fit with local policies and culture.

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Computer Coach Name Badge - Huntington Beach
Name Badges worn by Huntington Beach Public Library's Computer Coach volunteers.
Computer Coach Poster 1 - Huntington Beach
Poster used by Huntington Beach Public Library to advertise services and hours for their Computer Coach program.
Computer Coach Poster 2 - Huntington Beach
Poster used in Huntington Beach to attract people who need the services of a computer coach.
Computer Coach Recruitment Flyer - Huntington Beach
Flyer used to help recruit volunteers to be "Computer Coaches" at the Huntington Beach Public Library.
Computer Coach Workplan - Huntington Beach
Work plan created by Huntington Beach Public Library to prepare for creating a volunteer computer coach program.
Confidentiality Agreement - Huntington Beach
Form signed by Volunteers regarding confidentiality of library information.
Confidentiality of Customer Records Form - Ontario
This document from the Ontario City Library states their Confidentiality policy for Customer Records, and provides a space for both employees and volunteers to sign saying they understand and agree to following the policy.
Confidentiality Policy - San Bernardino County
Confidentiality policy for review by volunteers before signing their volunteer agreement.
Coordinator Volunteer Services - Palos Verdes Library District
Sample part time staff job description for the Palos Verdes Library District's Volunteer Coordinator position.
Criminal History Background Checks
Things to consider when making decisions about criminal background checks, including the rights of the applicants. Includes information from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center and the California Attorney General's Office.