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Arts Program Ambassador - St. Helena, CA St. Helena Public Library recruits volunteers to lead their engagement and coordination of artists and supporters of arts and culture initiatives at the library. Arts arts, ambassadors, outreach, culture Position Descriptions
Arts Program Graphic Artist - St. Helena, CA St. Helena Public Library recruits graphic design professionals to create promotional materials to be used in print and electronic marketing campaigns. Arts, Graphic Design, Marketing and Publicity graphic designer, communications, arts, culture, marketing Position Descriptions
California History Genealogist - CA State Library This volunteer position description engages volunteers with research and genealogy experience in maintaining a historical website. Arts genealogy Position Descriptions
California History, Art & Architecture Docent - CA State Library In preparation for the grand re-opening of the historic state library building, a docent/tour guide program has been implemented. Arts, Docents docent, tour guide Position Descriptions
Program Facilitator-Leader - San Jose, CA At the San Jose Public Library, this volunteer position facilitates or teaches a program (dance, arts & crafts, music, etc.) at the library. Responsibilities include: • Set up the program area • Develop teaching materials or curriculum for program • Provide instruction consistent with the program format • Return room to original condition • Communicate regularly with staff about scheduling and program • Assist with promotional efforts for the program Adult Programming, Arts, Program/Project Coordinator programming Position Descriptions
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