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Arts Program Ambassador - St. Helena, CA St. Helena Public Library recruits volunteers to lead their engagement and coordination of artists and supporters of arts and culture initiatives at the library. Arts arts, ambassadors, outreach, culture Position Descriptions
Arts Program Graphic Artist - St. Helena, CA St. Helena Public Library recruits graphic design professionals to create promotional materials to be used in print and electronic marketing campaigns. Arts, Graphic Design, Marketing and Publicity graphic designer, communications, arts, culture, marketing Position Descriptions
Library Community Arts Initiative Workplan -- St. Helena, CA Workplan written by St. Helena Public Library towards development of a volunteer driven community arts initiative. Volunteer Engagement Workplans workplan, arts, partnerships Management Tool
St. Helena Community Arts Volunteer Engagement Work Plan - CA This work plan describes the St. Helena Public Library Community Arts initiative which aims to extend its reach into new areas of the community through art, facilitate connections between individuals, businesses, organizations, and other entities throughout the community as an arts education resource, and establish the library as the “third place” for St. Helena residents. Volunteer Engagement Workplans arts, volunteer engagement, work plan Management Tool
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